Welcome to Aging With Grace + Grit

Welcome to Aging With Grace + Grit. This is the place for those of us 50 and up to connect, learn, grow, and thrive in the second half of our lives.

I dreaded turning 50 but once I got here, I found I’d been sold a lie. It turns out I love mid-life and I have a feeling I’m not alone. Let’s change the narrative. Together, we’re shining a light on all that’s good in this second half of life. AG+G is full of humor, real life, and interviews with fascinating folks on the other side of 50.

By the time we reach mid-life we are made up of wisdom, heartbreak, joy, sorrows, contentment, courage, and incredible strength. We’ve already lived multiple “versions” of ourselves. We’ve tried and failed, and we’ve tried and soared. If we’re lucky enough to still be here, we can still become who we want to be.

Our culture has sold us a lie. We’ve been made to believe we should cling to youth + our best years are behind us. I’ve found myself surprised by how much I like this age and stage of life. Why isn’t anyone shouting about how great it is? Well, I’m the someone.

I want to change the narrative. Aging is beautiful. It’s something to look forward to!

I’m Kathi Roach. 56 year old Mama to 5, Gigi to 3, and Wife to my favorite guy. We are a mixed race family, and that’s been an adventure in and of itself. I live on a farm with 4 goats and the goofiest dog you’ve ever met, a Bernese Mountain dog named Hudson. Sadly, for my husband, I’m 100% indoorsy. I’m a retired Oncology Nurse finally hunkering down to do the thing I love: writing.

Kathi Roach

I believe we get BETTER with age. I wanted to build this space to highlight all of the good in aging. Aging with Grace + Grit is that space.

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  1. An Interview with someone just like you —in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, + 80’s—-living life well in this second half of life.

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Let’s go!



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